Quality Assurance

Master Supplements, Inc. provides Certificates of Analysis for all lots of Theralac®.

Probiotic Plate Counts

The Lactobacillus strains are reported as “Total Lactobacillus” and the Bifidobacterium strains as “Total Bifidobacterium.” These counts are reported in colony forming units (CFU)/gram on MRS agar (incubated at 37C for 72 hours). The “Total Lactobacillus” count is obtained by incubating the plates under aerobic conditions and counting all colonies; the “Total Bifidobacterium” count is obtained by incubating the plates anaerobically and then subtracting the Lactobacillus count from the total anaerobic count. This results in an approximation of the ratio of Lactobacilli to Bifidobacteria but is quite accurate with respect to the total probiotic count (Lactobacillus + Bifidobacteria).

Tests for Microbial Purity

Each production lot of Theralac® is sent to Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc. in New Ulm, Minnesota for a microbial purity profile. The following tests are reported:

  • E. coli USP
  • Staphlococcus -- Coagulase Positive Confirmation
  • Total Mold Count
  • Total Yeast Count  
  • Salmonella, BAM Method

Here are some tips for reading the purity analysis. Each capsule of Theralac is approximately 450 mg or 1/2 gram.  The weight of the sample to test for E coli (for example) is 10 grams or 20 capsules. A result showing  negative means that in 20 capsules,  no E. coli has been detected.  Other results may show <1 per gram (2 capsules).

Certificate of Analysis

To access a Certificate of Analysis and other reports for your bottle of Theralac®, simply enter the lot number as it appears on your bottle and click Search.

After you enter the lot number and click search, the page will reload. When the page reloads, scroll down to see results of search.

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